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Guitarist and zankyo records CEO, producer, Music Business teacher.

Zankyo records and te' start in 2004 and O'dile start in 2016. 

I have released many bands from zankyo records and Music Major Company.

Author of "Revolution of music industry"

te' released by Major label and overseas.

Fender USA and mooer pedal contracts kono.

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Members are kono/G, hiro/G, matsuda/B, tachibana/ Dr.

Post - rock, instrumental band 'te' which is popular in post rock scene.

te' go overseas tours not only in Japan but also overseas.

Individual members have very high music skills and are active in various fields and bands, and they are active not only as performers but also in jobs such as composing, arranging and producing.

te' has released not only independent but also major scenes, and also have many releases in the US, Europe, Asia and elsewhere.

Because te' sticks to the creative, not only from the music industry and the band, but also many entertainers, fashion designers and apparel industry, games, animation, CM offer many offers, TV and radio etc. Jingle and BGM etc. , And attention from all sides always has high existence.

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